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An 8 week scientific education and energetic experimentation experience with breathing.


I know breath to be a vehicle for physical integration and energetic embodiment,

the portal to astonishing alchemical opportunities for multidimensional healing.  

Which is why I,

IN-frastructure my individual and community healing work through the intelligent vehicle that is the human body. 

This is the anatomical science of wellbeing at the core of human-being. 

I will tell you everything I know about the collection of tubes that makes up our body. 

This workshop is OUR medicine because breathing is. 

If you are reading this you are a breathing being, this is your birthright. 

If you know you want whatever it is that I am saying in this thesaurus of words that attempt to illustrate the vibe of a BAM experience, it’s time to step further into registration specifics. 

Welcome the process of coming home to self. To aliveness. To Breath. 


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