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The energy of reciprocity in breath

Human health is determined by internal conditions, influenced by external conditions.

Our one-ness is both individual AND collective.

Humans, are a particularly energetic species, maybe the most energetic. Look at our experiences of, and with emotion for proof.

The laws of energy, emotion, point to the function the same.

There’s a few laws that stick out to me, like reciprocity and duality.

Knowing the function feels like collaborative intimacy, I’m happier and healthier when the unchangeable forms are known.

I’ve been fixated on reciprocity as of late, exploring what it means and how to play with it. Seeking understanding from the energetic experience of reciprocity.

Where is it in flow in my life and where is it blocked and not feeling good?

Where is flow not allowed?

Where is it ravenous and raging?

Where is it free and trusted?

Exploring the spaces through this line of inquiry, where emotion is prevalent, primarily intimate relationships, has been revealing.

The conditions of one individual affecting the other.

And then there’s the container that holds and blends the chemistry of both.

Where does the law of reciprocity show the functional truth of the same?

When relationships are not in flow, not in reciprocity, dysfunction becomes the norm.

When it comes to energy, I feel it in my body.

The health of one individual affects the collective, and the health of the collective energy influences the individual.

I am both the individual and the collective, and also the container.

You are too.

I’ve always viewed the world through the lens of suffering. Like night vision, dark dense energy vision, except I don’t see it, I feel it. I don’t think I'm special either, kind of unoriginal actually, those that can't feel dense energy are most often disassociated from it, means for survival.

When I moved to the rural mountains, my health drastically improved. It’s multifaceted of course; more connected to earth, reduced EMF exposure, less stimulation, more quiet, clean air. Etc. And also, less humans, less collective influence.

Less human frequency, improved my health.

At the beginning of and for the first several years of rural living I valued obscurity above connection, a long much needed respite. Space and time reclaimed. I still enjoy and value obscure simple rural living, but this year I was more social than I had been.

I’ve been teaching more and holding more group space and spending more time with friends, more time consuming society.

And it’s been lovely, truly.

I’ve discovered how much I adore and love humanity, and how much I desire to be amongst them, how curious I am about what humans are experiencing, and a robust interest in reduced collective suffering. I desire to ease tension by holding tension itself more honestly. It’s complex, my desires, my love for humanity.

But all this external influence and exposure crashed my immune system, and showed me the unsustainable imbalances in what I was doing. Not good or bad, right or wrong, on either side of the coin, just needing some balance, some receiving, some obscurity again.

I've been stowed away with the lover I can’t resist, anatomical brilliance, our root of existence,



The lungs,

the container of chemistry and alchemy in the body of all biology.

The health of our lungs is in part individual, and variable from one individual to the next. Take the functioning size of the lungs, and all of the functioning particles as an example.

And, collectively, genetic inheritance contributes to the size and function of any particular set of lungs. In this way there is an epigenetic influence, collective so-to-speak.

And, the container that holds our collective energy, the atmosphere has environmental implications that contribute to the health of our lungs based on what we are breathing.

Speaking to pollution of course, but not just chemical pollution, energetic, emotional too.

Internal conditions, influenced by external conditions.

I've been breathing. Improving the internal chemistry, part of which has been muscular conditioning.

Muscular conditioning improves the health and functional capabilities of the lungs, which improves our overall health through breathing. (see previous blog post to discover how breathing improves health + wellness, but in short breathwork is alchemy, purifying and transforming the condition of the body.)

Collectively speaking, we have weak respiratory muscles, we are disassociated from the intercostal muscles specifically, but the strength and flexibility of the intercostal muscles is a core variable in our lung capacity and capability, one we have control over as well.

There is so much power in the basis of life, I come back to, and stay in the breath consistently. Intimacy with the canvas.

Turn your mind to those intercostals for a moment, be specific about this system and your attention to it.

Those muscles are most likely stuck, stiff, and atrophied.

These are the muscles in between your ribs, around your lungs.

Put your hands on them, come back to self.

Stretch and move in ways that can re-associate you with these muscles.

Wake them up and give room for flexibility, for releasing energy.

And breathe while you do it.

Human health is determined by internal conditions, influenced by external conditions.


Receive, release,

receive, release.

Perfect, simple, individual reciprocity.

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