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i’m decently good at conversation, storytelling with purpose. And my intention is to hold safe organic space for truth in all my conversations, including public ones. Intention is an interesting word, means a determination to act in a certain way, I mean it when I say it. prioritize safety.  I get lots of practice in holding safe space, I do it professionally and pursue it in places like podcasting, on the basis of my love for humanity and my desire to contribute something needed and nourishing to the human species. nourishment. 


topics i'm a comfortable muse on:

breathwork as medicine 

meditation as medicine 

oxygen in all bodies

mind alchemy

behavorial science

trauma recovery

self discovery

relationship theory

athletic optimization 

lifestyle curation 

conscious intimate relationship

conscious parenting 


please email me if you'd like to discuss a conversational collaboration. 

looking for a listen? listen to a variety of shows below 

this short but deeply nourishing conversation is one of my favorite podcast interviews yet done. 


Shawn, from pure living family, and I flow in conversation around how breathwork is the self healing mechanism we all have but don't know how to use. we talk about systems that have kept us from anatomical education, and I drop some of my favorite anatomy teachings on the nervous system.


Shawn story-tells his private and spiritual experience from a meditation with space I held a while back. It's moving and sacred. 

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