i don’t know why I am telling you this …

i have never told anyone this before … 

you should write a book


three sentiments I hear regularly. 


i’m good at conversation, storytelling with purpose and holding safe organic space for truth. I do it daily inside the mind alchemy and meditation architecture services within this business but more importantly in the relationships that make up my life. 

i find shared conscious conversation nourishing and endeavor upon contributing to good nourishment. 


topics that make sense to me:

breathwork as medicine 

meditation as medicine 

oxygen in all bodies

mind alchemy

behavorial science

trauma recovery

toxic relationship recovery

athletic optimization 

lifestyle curation 

intuitive nourishment 

the pursuit of truth

conscious intimate relationship

conscious parenting 


live relationship coaching and vulnerable storytelling with Sonny on Holding the Rope

I share some truths I rarely speak publicly and so does sonny. This one is powerful vulnerable connective conversation. 

Explicit in occasional language