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Society is still invalidating trauma on the daily, and the bad news is, we are society. 

Safety in trauma recovery might be the most needed medicine on the planet. 


Until we process and file trauma, neutralize the charge in it, we will continue to hemorrhage on each other, perpetuating trauma in our unresolved-ness. 


When one person heals what is unprocessed we all heal to the same degree. 


I love the waste basket analogy for this. 


Imagine the events and experiences that your nervous system had limited processing potential for, imagine you define each of those experiences with a single word written on a piece of paper. A stack of paper representative of the shadow side of your development. Crumble each one up, into a ball, and throw it into a wastebasket. These unresolved traumas in their crumpled up form take up a lot of space, in both the wastebasket and in the energetic bandwidth of the nervous system. 


Processing trauma flattens and processes the file, opening up bandwidth. 


Breathwork is species wide indigenous medicine, it’s our medicine. 

And it offers direct access to both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, into the implicit cellular memory programmed in early childhood and into the explicit cellular memory of developed mind processing. 


You flatten the files here at the breathing co, I hold the space, guide, and help you breathe through it. 

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