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There is tremendous greed at the peak of the wealth-health pyramid, few as rich as the pharma mob running the American healthcare industry. Most of us have no idea what beast we are feeding, I don’t believe the top of the pyramid is as inept in understanding. We’ve been chemically anesthetized into addiction and dependency, profitable even in death.


The corrupted oppression I am speaking about is not surmised by research alone, though due diligence is a priority, but also real life experience and witnessing.


I’ve stayed innumerable nights in the most expensive hotels in the world, hospitals. Alice wandering those halls, sleeping on plastic cushions, following the rabbits, listening to the conversations, has come to know what she continues to expose. 


The people doing life on the patient side of americanized medicine are a unique subset. Astonishing grit, tremendous courage, and couriers of fragility. Their perspective, anatomical intuition and wisdom are generally dismissed and disrespected by the same system that saves them. The high of our human intelligence is matched by the low of systemic greed and suppressed education.


This is narcissism, and we are the codependents.


Survival is not the invisible encampment and hidden captivity that begins before birth and lives in us through almost instantaneous inoculations, processed foods, controlled education and medical access.


Our survival depends on our ability to understand our own anatomical reach and intuitive interpretation.


Which is why health and wellness are the center of the breathing co.


Breathing at the center of us all, literally and metaphorically.


Why do these systems, industries, and resources separate us from the healing power of our own anatomy?


Feels like a neon sign that appears and disappears continually, a curious thing. And what happens when we follow the neon rabbit down this black hole? The darkest shadow yields evidence of human mind and body control. Captivity through the basics of the body, the basics of breathing. The most valuable power source we have. A neon sign of its own.

I get in trouble regularly if you haven’t already surmised.

I want, more like insatiably need to know why.

The only way my nervous system can relax and believe in safety is through the revelatory process of curiosity.


This is that


The breathing co.


We can inhale our energy and autonomy back into us, literally.

But I’ve found the practice of breathing unsustainable without connection to the intelligence of how and why.


Health and wellness is what the breathing co has always been about, it’s my passion project, the one gift I would give if I could give only one. The return to an existence given birthright; intelligent use of anatomical systems.


In 1:1 work we can explore a library of health and wellness resources I have acquired, specifically or generally. I am adept in a number of anatomical spaces. none more than respiratory and maybe second to that the nervous system.


In group work I share the vast majority of all that I know about anatomical systems, this is specifically what Breathwork As Medicine training was built for. 

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