the best place to inquire around private individual or small group session work is through a consult (schedule through link below). I suppose that's because it's hard to describe what a session is like in language, but I know you will feel it during consult. We will  resonate or won't and then we will both know if session work with me is for you.


And if I were to wrap some kind of language around private session work;  sacred self care, safe expression, truth seeking + finding, intuitive intelligence, supportive and effective virtual connection, life coaching, bio-hacking, mental restructure, energetic meditative alchemy. 

or maybe something like .... 

​learn how to use the mind to consciously work with the laws of the universe, tap into your innate intuitive nature, move and change energy with breath, and create lifestyle with purpose and on purpose. 

And so on that note, if you KNOW you are ready, you can schedule a 60 min or 90 min session below.