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The human experience is a relational one, we are wired for connection and belonging, a pack species. 


And, relationship containers are where the safety of our nervous systems are challenged, specifically when the threat of separation emerges, which often plays out through conflict. 


Conflict supported by a species wide attachment disorders and dysfunctions.  


In a state of threat, the nervous system becomes hijacked, transitioning what is painful and scary into suffering through the meaning it seeks. 


Our familial and intimate relationships, and individual nervous systems, are recycling and perpetuating these experiences at rates that produce epidemic suffering. 


The way out is the way in, we must safely identify the suffered meaning and surrender it through vulnerable expression in a safe space. This fosters a meaningful connection to self, which leads to healthy pack dynamics. 


Why, how, and to whom we attach is a fascinating scientific field of study that is beginning to yield revolutionary shifts in how we relate and connect in core relationships. This session is built to support the exploration of relationship and attachment theory as it specifically applies to what was developed and is experienced in your core relationships specifically. Which also means we will be looking at relationships like mirrors, reflecting the reality of relationship to self.


A relationship theory session is one of relational exploration that develops relational empowerment and fosters meaningful connection. 


Any relational dynamic is welcome and can be approached individually or in unison with both parties. 

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