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It can all go into a practice. 


All of it. 

Any of it. 


And maybe it all should.

(if I am practicing should-ing, which I shouldn’t.) 

Something that in and of itself could go to the mat and into practice; the relationship I have with what it means to should or shouldn’t or how I project that onto others. 


All of it. 


Maybe it’s around stewardship, or sex, or business, or something that happened, or is happening, or you want to happen, or maybe your actual body itself is calling you into it through ailment or discomfort. 




On the mat, in practice, is where the actual expansion and alchemy happens for me, and I design based on need. I believe in the designs I create and the way they contribute and contain the sacred practice of attention and intention to lived experience, and the magic that can happen because of it. 


I don’t design for you, that feels out of alignment. I design with you. Utilize what I know, to discover what you know, and then create. 


Then we will experiment with the container created and adjusted appropriately. 

You can even add on a recording, because some practices are serving in repetition. 


*tons of meditation design happens in BAM school or retreat 

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