“As there is a science and technology to create external wellbeing, there is a whole dimension of science and technology for inner wellbeing.”⁣ Sadhguru⁣

we can live for a few weeks without nourishment

days without hydration

minutes without breathing.

breathing, our most vital, most unconsidered, and vastly untapped resource.


why breathwork is medicine and how to use it is taught and experienced here at the breathing co. 


my purposeful design is to support the return to sat nam, to truth, to love.


heaven is here, on earth and in body.


breathwork is an effective and supportive vehicle for the interesting and oft painful sojourn towards truth, a framework of alchemy efficacy. 


all services are built from a breathwork foundation, then developed through a variety of energetic medicinal modalities. 


questions are welcome here at the breathing co. this is a safe space to express and communicate in. please connect. 


I will do my best to put into words what Audrey/the breathing co. has added to my life.

Without fear of sounding inauthentic, Audrey is a life changer. I am so grateful for the last 9 months of work with her. I came broken, empty, lost, and scared. I had a terrible habit of feeling like I could do the work on my own. I was constantly trying to pour from an empty cup. On the verge of throwing the towel in, I contacted Audrey, hoping for a bail out. Her ability to gift you the tools, safe space, and techniques are unmatched. She’s a magnetic human with the most knowledge, dedication, and heart of anyone I have met. Her work is her soul and you can feel that. I’ve often described Audrey as my conscience. Thanks to our time together I now feel and know I am capable. I have a sense of purpose, direction, I feel more ‘full’, I have discovered a new love for life that I was afraid I had lost forever. Her practice is doable, relatable, and it will change your life.                    



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